Discovery Bible Study (DBS) - AIM for Believers  

90 min

The AIM Pattern or 'three-thirds' is a method based on the Three Great Commands, with each segment taking about one-third of the session time. This is an obedience-based approach to disciple-making and is the primary pattern for gathering from day one. 

In the classroom setting, an AIM group is simply modeling this type of group for believers (Field 3-4) so participants can learn the AIM pattern in real time. 


For groups of disciples, gather in small groups of 4-8 people for a session of 60-90 minutes, dividing the time into three equal parts. 

For training large groups in the classroom setting, divide people into smaller groups and appoint a facilitator for each group. 

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David served the purposes of God in his own generation, and then he died... - Acts 13.36