Acts 2 Study  

30 min

A study of Acts 2.36-47, a passage that is often used to define elements in a healthy New Testament church.

This is not only a good method to help spiritually young believers to understand church identity and practice, but a wonderful refresher for those who have spent much of their lives in churches.


This is best done in a small group setting, so if you are training a large group, break them down into groups of 3-5 each.  Give each group a sheet of flipchart paper. 

Challenge the group to carefully read Acts 2.36-47 (or if you have time, read the entire chapter) and write down the things that the believers did together in this new church. 

If there are several groups, let each of them report, and either hang their written notes on the wall or write all these characteristics in one big listing for everyone to see. 

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