Know - Be - Do  

15 min

This method introduces three words that show how a disciple's life must be balanced between knowledge, action, and character development.  Emphasis is given to not merely accumulating knowledge, but in applying it through obedience and service. 


On paper or a whiteboard, draw the outline of a person's body with one hand outstretched.

Draw a circle in the head with the word "Know."  Draw another circle in the chest with the word "Be." Draw a third circle in the outstretched hand with the word "Do."

Use the drawing to invite discussion around our need to apply what we learn.  Knowledge informs our behavior (our doing), and with these we develop in our character (our being)  

Knowlege without action will not bear fruit or change our life, and you can illustrate this by drawing the man with a huge head and a tiny body. 

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Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. Prov. 16.3